Trying to access ProQuest remotely but having issues?

If searching for your institution on the ProQuest login page does not provide you with a direct log in link, you may still be able to access ProQuest by connecting to your library website.

Alternatively, your institution may use a proxy server or a service such as Shibboleth to provide you with a direct off-campus access to library resources such as ProQuest. If you first log in to your institution’s network via one of these methods, then you should be able to access ProQuest without any further authentication required.

ProQuest can provide direct, off-campus/remote access via our ‘Connect through your library or institution’ feature on the login page. However, this requires your librarian or reference helpdesk to set up this service for you. Once in place, it provides a link to your institution’s login page, allowing you to enter the personal user name and password that your institution provided you with, and continue directly to ProQuest.