Bookshelf Features: You can share or email books in your bookshelf

Saving a book to your bookshelf actually just saves a link to that book.  If you want to share that link, along with a summary of the notes and highlights you've made in the book, you just need to put that book in a folder in your bookshelf, then share or email the folder.To share or email one or more books that are in your bookshelf:
  1. Go to your ebrary site and sign in to your personal ebrary account
  2. Click the “Bookshelf” tab
  3. Click the "Add folder" button to create a new folder
  4. Drag and drop books from your bookshelf onto the folder(Click on the book's cover and drag to the folder's title)
  5. Open the folder
  6. Click the "Share this folder" or "email this folder" button(the buttons are to the right, above list of books)- To share, copy the link provided and send or post it- To email, enter the email address(es) to send to
  7. Click "OK"
"Share this folder" versus "email this folder":Note: Your notes and highlights will only be visible to the recipients in list form in the folder view - not the way one's own notes and highlights display. The "Notes" page and the highlights-shown-on-the-book's-pages are reserved for one's own notes and highlights.