Download, full document: Why a document might not be available for full-document downloading

When you request to download an entire document (via Adobe Digital Editions), ebrary checks whether the document is allowed to be full-document downloaded. If it is not, you are informed at that point.Reasons you might not be able to do a full-document download:
  1. The document may be single-user-only (and your ebrary site has the default setting that single-user-only documents are disallowed for full-document download).Options:  Your librarian might consider buying additional single-user-only copies of the document, converting it to multi-user (if available), or changing the default to allow full-document downloading of single-user-only documents.
  2. The publisher might not allow full-document downloading. A complete list is available here.  Note that there are currently limitations on titles that are made available from several publishers (same title).  There are very  few of those, however those titles are not downloadable yet.
  3. You may have reached the maximum number of full-document downloads allowed per patron (ten)
    • In order to check out another e-book, you would first need to return one
    • When you return a downloaded document, it may take up to 10 minutes for the return to be processed before you may download another one
  4. Your ebrary site might not allow full-document downloading (for example, many public libraries do not offer it for financial reasons)
  5. All available copies may be in use by other patrons (either online use or have been downloaded)
  6. Loaned documents are not available for full-document downloading (even if your site allows it for single-user titles)
  7. For site with Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA), there's an additional reason a document might be disallowed for full-document download:
    • When you open a PDA title that has not yet been triggered for purchase, the title is available as multi-user as all un-triggered PDA titles are
    • Successful download of a document, however, immediately triggers it for purchase
    • If the purchase would be as a single-user-only title, and single-user-only titles are disallowed for full-document download on your site, then it cannot be downloaded - even though it doesn't appear to be a single-user-only document when you are viewing it.