Partners: To place an order on behalf of a customer

These instructions apply only to resellers/vendors/partners who do not currently use BVOP to purchase ebrary titles.

Preliminary steps:

1. Create a personal ebrary account (if you don't already have one)


2. Contact to request "reseller admin-tab privileges" OPTION 1 - Order individual titles
1. Go to your customer's ebrary site, sign in using your reseller username
2. Click the “Admin” tab, then the “ACQUISITIONS” tab
3. Click “Perpetual Access“, then click the “Advanced Search” button

The “All Purchasable” collection is the default selection. To purchase titles already on the site, set collection to “All”

4. Set your search criteria.  Click the + sign to add additional search lines
5. Select “Search ebrary” down below the search criteria
6. For prices to show, click the “Long” button to see full info for each title
7. Click to select each title you want to order
8. Click the “Prepare to Order Selection” button
9. Click "Order available documents"
10. Click to select SUPO or MUPO for each title (some aren't offered as MUPO)
11. Click "Review Order"
12. Final step to place the order: click “Submit Order"

OPTION 2 - Add titles to your Working List and order them all at once
1. Go to your customer's ebrary site, sign in using your reseller username
2. First, empty out your Working List: 3. OPTION a - Search for titles and add them to your Working List 3. OPTION b - Import a list of titles into your Working List 4. Order the titles in your Working List  Note:  if you purchase a title that’s already on the site in a subscription collection, the URL to the title remains the same, no additional MARC record is sent
Note: The $ icon shows next to purchasable titles NOT already on the ebrary site

You can check the status of all orders using the “ORDERS” tab