Searching: When you open a book from a list of search results it opens to the first page containing the search term

When you search for one or more terms to find a book on your ebrary site, and then open a book from the returned search-results list, the book you open will open to the first page that one of the search terms is found on.You might not notice this behavior usually because one of the search terms is often on the first few pages of the book.  But sometimes the search term isn't found until deep into the book, so it may seem odd.Try this:

- Go to the following open access site:

- Do a simple search for dog

- Open the second book (Stop Bullying Now: Youth Leaders' Toolkit)

- You'll find it opens up to page 9; the first page 'dog' is found on

If you use the following URL, you're just saying 'open this document', so it defaults to opening to the first page:

BUT... if you use the following URL, you're saying 'open this document and search for the term dog'

and the term dog doesn't show up until page 9, so that's the page it opens to.(Note this doesn't work on preview-only sites since content pages are restricted)