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You have the ability to be alerted real time on changes to topics or categories that you are interested in by subscribing to RSS feeds.We have two types of RSS feeds:There are multiple RSS readers available on the market, the most popular ones being email clients and browser. Below are  some instructions with most popular email clients:Mobile RSS feeds reader:Feedly is a free iOS and Android application for mobiles RSS Feeds in MS OutlookSelect File> Click on the ‘Account Settings’ button > On the drop down menu, click on ‘Account Settings’On the new module click on the RSS Feeds tab > Below the tab, click on where it says ‘New’ > Enter or Paste in the URL of a new feed.You will be prompted to confirm the RSS feed, click on Ok > Click on Close to exit the moduleRSS Feeds in Apple MailSelect File> Add RSS Feeds or click the Add (+) button at the bottom of the sidebar, and then choose Add RSS Feeds.Enter or paste the URL of a new feed.If you want RSS feeds to be included in your Inbox, click “Show in Inbox.”Then Click AddRSS Feeds in ThunderbirdThe Thunderbird email client has its own built-in RSS reader than behaves very much like email:New entries look very much like emails which can be read directly, deleted, managed, and include a link back to the original site.RSS Feeds in GmailCurrently, there isn’t a direct way to add RSS feeds directly in Gmail. There are many third-party plug-ins available.