Bookshelf Features: To highlight text in a book

To highlight text in a book, you'll need to first sign in to your personal ebrary account (or create one if you don't already have one).To highlight text in an ebrary book, drag across the desired text, then click the highlight icon.You can  choose a regular highlight (just color the selected text), or an annotated highlight (the selected text is highlighted and a note field pops up that you can enter text into, the note is attached to the highlighted text).To change the color of the highlight, or to switch between plain highlights and annotated highlights, click the down-triangle to the right of the highlight icon.Once you make a highlight in a book, a link to that book is automatically saved to your bookshelf.Highlights are primarily for on-line viewing.  Highlights do not show when you print a page.  Highlights cannot be exported, and there is not an option to print the full text of all your highlights.To view a full list of the first line of each of the highlights you've made in a book, open the book, then click the "Notes" tab to the right of the book.  To go to a particular highlight, click on it in the list - you will be taken to that page in the book.To get a copy of the first line and page number of all your highlights, open the book, then click on the "Notes" tab to the right of the book.  This will display the first line of all your highlights, including the page number of the highlighted text.  You can then drag over the listed highlights, copy them, and paste them into a text document where you can save or print the list.