Admins, Content Discovery Tools: To create search strings to specific subject areas on an ebrary site

The easiest way to create a search string to specific content on an ebrary site is to build the search and then copy and paste the resulting URL:
  1. Go to your ebrary site at XXXXX is your ebrary site name
  2. Click the "Advanced Search" link
  3. Enter search criteria that gives the results you want.  You can, for example, use LC Call numbers (See below)
  4. Once you've got the search you want, you can then copy the URL at the top of the ebrary screen.  That URL will include the search details
  5. You can then paste that URL into emails or onto a web page, etc.  The URL will take the user to the ebrary site (they will need to have authorization) and will show the titles that meet the search criteria
Library of Congress (LC) call numbers are one way to search particular subject areas.  The following link gives the basics of LC Call number ranges:

Here's an example URL to the History titles on our title preview site.  This URL was built by going to our title preview site,, and doing an Advanced Search for the LC call numbers for History, which are d to f3799.