Searching: Searching for documents in a given language when there isn't a checkbox for the language

You can search for books written in a particular language, even if there isn't yet a checkbox listed for that language on our Advanced Search page.  You'll just need to start with a search for a language that is listed, then replace the two-letter language code in the URL with the desired two-letter language code.
Here are the detailed steps:
  1. Go to Advanced Search by clicking on the "Advanced" link to the right of the search window
  2. Use the drop-down menu to search by "Document language"
  3. For this example, where the language you want to search for is not listed, choose one that is listed, for example, leave just the "English" checkbox checked
  4. Add any other search criteria you desire
  5. Click "Search"
  6. You'll then notice that the URL at the top includes the string "language&p00=en" (English is code=en)
  7. To change the URL to search for a different language, just change the two letters "en" to the two-letter language code you want to search for
    1. A list of two-letter language codes can be found here:
  8. For example, here's the above search, but for books in Danish (code=da)
  9. Press your keyboard's "Enter" key once you've modified the URL to run the new search