Access to documents: Links to documents on ebrary sites are persistent; title-level and page-level URLs do not change

ebrary links (i.e., URLs) are persistent (i.e., standalone, durable).  This means that a link to an ebrary document will always point to the same ebrary document.If you are connected to an ebrary site via a browser, and you open an ebrary document by clicking on its title or cover, the URL you see at the top is the persistent URL to that document.To create a URL that takes you to a specific page in the document, see:create-url-to-a-pageIf your ebrary site uses a remote access option such as Athens, Shibboleth, RPA, or EZproxy Single-Sign-On (SSO), then that same URL can be used from off campus, and once you successfully sign in via the remote access authentication screen, you will be taken directly to that document.The one set of ebrary URLs that are not persistent are those generated by the “All Subjects” link.