If you encounter an "Unauthorized Access" error message there may be other ways to access your ebrary site

The "Unauthorized Access" message means that the IP address you are connecting from is not authorized to access ebrary.  Your institution librarians should be your first point of contact as they are most familiar with your library's authentication procedures.

If you are accessing ebrary from an on-campus location that should be authorized, contact your librarian and request they update the list of on-campus IP addresses with ebrary.

If you are accessing ebrary from off-campus, then you need to use an authorized remote access method.  Typically libraries have a remote access protocol in place, and itwhich is often listed on the institution's library website - there may even be links there to access ebrary from off campus once you've signed in through your institution's portal

.If you only receive the error message when attempting to sign in to your personal ebrary account, please contact us here at support@ebrary.com.