Overview: Getting started... searching in ebrary

To search for books currently available on your ebrary site, go to your ebrary site then:To list all titles:To search Text and Key Fields for a word or multiple words:To search on specific criteria:

Title refers to the exact words in the title (ebrary searching is literal,if the title is "Dogs" and you search for "Dog" it won't be a match)Doc ID is the unique ID number that ebrary assigns to each book (it is always shown as part of the URL to a specific ebrary book)Publication year is the publishing date for the particular ebook version ebrary offers (often different from the original print publication date)LC Call Number is the official Library of Congress number for a particular subject area.  The following link gives the basics of LC Call number ranges: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/lcco

For advanced options, see:searching-using-or-not-andproximity-search

To sort search results by Relevance, Title, Contributor (first author), Publisher, or Date, click the links at the rightTo display Short, Medium, or Long view of data about the books in your search results, click the links at the rightImportant note about ebrary's current search engine:

Searches are exact searches on entire words - no partial-word searching:

-  Searching for dog will not find dogs