Download, full document: Downloading an entire document can in some cases affect other users' access to it

If a document is multi-user, full-document downloading does not block other users’ access to it.  Other users on the ebrary site will still be able to read the document online and even download it.If a document is single-user-only, full-document downloading does block other users’ access to it.  For the duration of the download period (7 days, unless it is returned early) users on the ebrary site will not be able to access the document – not even for online viewing.

Because of this, the default setting is for full-document downloading to be disallowed for single-user-only documents (unless the ebrary site has multiple copies of the same single-user-only document, in which case only the last one is blocked from being full-document downloaded).  The admin of the ebrary site can override this default setting.

All documents that are available on your site in subscription collections (e.g., Academic Complete) are multi-user.  Perpetual access (i.e., purchased) titles can be either single-user or multi-user.Note that the download option of creating an image PDF of a chapter or page range does not affect other user’s access to the document.