Personal Account: Facebook Sign-in Feature

The Facebook login option is typically only used if your ebrary site uses a custom login such as Athens, Shibboleth, EZproxy Single Sign On, or ebrary hosted-remote access.To use the Facebook Sign-in feature, you first need to link your ebrary account to your Facebook account (a one-time setup):
  1. Go to your ebrary site using a browser on your computer
  2. Sign In to your personal ebrary account  (Don’t already have one?  Create one, see to-create-ebrary-account)
  3. Click “My Settings” link at top-right of ebrary screen
  4. Under “Link your account to Facebook“, click “Log In
  5. On Facebook log-in screen, enter your Facebook credentials, click “Log In(Don’t have a Facebook account? Click “Sign up for Facebook” at lower left)
You can then sign in to ebrary using the “Sign in with Facebook” button and your Facebook credentials.TroubleshootingWhat if under My Settings, "Link your account to Facebook" doesn't show up :