Troubleshooting: Gathering "Charles" diagnostics

Occasionally, a specific problem may require the collection of special diagnostics that ebrary can use to analyze the problem. The following instructions describe how to record and send this info to ebrary.
  1. First you'll need to get the Charles Diagnostics software off the web if you don't already have it (it is a free download):
    1. Go to the following URL:
    2. Download the appropriate version for your system
    3. Install it on a computer that has been experiencing the problem
  2. Start the Charles script software (i.e., begin recording) by clicking the icon with the red round button on it
  3. Open a new browser window or tab
  4. Go directly to your ebrary site
  5. Reproduce the problem you are having
  6. End recording by clicking the icon with the red round button on it again
  7. Save the session ("File" menu, "Save")
  8. Then please email that file as an enclosure to
The file shows the detail of each URL to your browser, all network traffic, and possible error messages recorded during the session.