Admins, MARC Records: Using MarcEdit to split a huge MARC record file into smaller files

The following instructions describe how to use MarcEdit's utility MarcSplit to split a large MARC record file into smaller files for easier handling.1) MarcEdit is a free program, downloadable from the web.  We recommend using the most recent version (v5.5 or newer).  To download MarcEdit or upgrade to the newest version, click:  MarcEdit2) Once you’ve got MarcEdit installed, go to your ebrary MARC records page3) Get your desired set of ebrary MARC records by selecting one or more specific collections if desired, then clicking a particular "Added MARCs" link4) The MarcTools window will then either pop open, or you'll need to open your MARC file in MarcTools5) Once you have your MARC record file open in MarcTools:
  1. Select and copy the string shown in the “Input File” box
  2. Select "MarcSplit" from the “Tools” menu in the MarcTools window
  3. Click in the “Source File” box and paste the string you copied in step 5.1
  4. Click on the folder icon to the right of the “Destination Folder” box, pick a place to put the split MARC record files
  5. Fill in the “Records Per File” box (maybe try 4000, it’s your choice)
  6. Click the “Process” button
  7. Once it’s done and reports how many files it created, click “Close” button
  8. That’s it.  Go to the destination folder and find your split MARC record files