Admins, Reports: User Sessions vs. Title Sessions

When examining ebrary usage reports, please note that there are two different types of sessions being reported:1) User sessions - counts every time a user logs into the ebrary site2) Title sessions - counts every time a user opens up a title (i.e., a document or book)Here are some examples to help illustrate these two different types of sessions:
  1. A user signs in to ebrary, performs a search, but does not access a title:1 user session, 1 search, 0 title sessions
  2. A user visits the ebrary home page, and then leaves:1 user session, 0 searches, 0 title sessions
  3. A user visits ebrary, does not perform a search, but accesses 4 titles they'd bookmarked earlier:1 user session, 0 searches, 4 title sessions