Admins, Ordering: Using Admin-tab tools to search for and order a title

These are the basic steps to search for and order a title:
  1. Go to your ebrary site at xxxxx is your ebrary site name (often same as domain name)
  2. Sign in using a username that has Admin-tab ordering privilegesFor admin privileges, see admin-tools
  3. Click on the "Admin" tab, then the "ACQUISITIONS" tab
  4. Click on "Perpetual Access", then click the "Advanced Search" button
  5. It should come up with the "All Purchasable" collection already selectedIMPORTANT! To purchase titles already on your ebrary site, you need to change the collection to "All" (instead of "All Purchasable")
  6. Set your search criteria.  Click the + sign to add additional search lines
  7. Select "Search ebrary" down below the search criteriaFor prices to show, click the "Long" button to see full info for each title
  8. Click to select each title you want to order as perpetual access
  9. When you have all the titles selected that you want to order,click the "Prepare to Order Selection" button.
  10. The system will then tell you which titles are available, etc.,click "Order available documents"
  11. You'll then be on a page titled "Select Documents to Order",
  12. click to select SUPO, 3USER or MUPO for each title(Note, some titles are not offered as 3USER or MUPO, and MUPO licences are not currently allowed on K/12 or public libraries)
  13. Click "Review Order"
  14. This is the final step before actually placing the order...if you click "Submit Order", the titles will be ordered
Note:  if you purchase a title that's already on your site in a subscription collection, the URL will remain the same and you will not be sent a duplicate MARC record.Note: The $ icon shows next to purchasable titles that you do NOT already have on your ebrary site.Note:  you can check the status of all orders using the "ORDERS" tab.