Admins, Content Holdings: Using "Import" to filter a list of titles to only those available to you via ebrary

The "Import" feature can be used to filter down a list of titles from somewhere else to the subset of those titles that are available to you via ebrary.If you import a list of titles, only the titles that meet one or both of the following criteria will be successfully imported:To import a list of titles:1. Clear your working list as follows:2. Still in your working list, click the “Import/Export” button at the far right3. Paste in a list of one of the following:4. Select the corresponding type by clicking the radio button for either ISBNs, Titles, or ebrary Doc IDs5. Click the “Import” button.  It will tell you how many titles were successfully imported to your working list.  Note that it will only import titles that are either active titles on your site, or titles that are purchasable on your site.6. Click the “Return to Working List” button7. There will be an entry in your working list for each document in your pasted-in list that matches one that ebrary could provide on your site.