Admins, PDA/Loans: To search for and remove specific titles from an existing PDA collection

Go to your ebrary site and sign in to your individual ebrary account that has PDA admin privileges, then:
  1. Under the PROFILE tab, select View Collection for that profile,
  2. Click the Search Collection button (over at the right)
  3. Enter your search criteria to find the kind of titles you want to remove (e.g., Publisher is XYZ)
  4. Click to select individual titles to remove (or use Select All)
  5. Click the Remove Selection from Profile button.
This will remove all selected titles from the profile’s collection.Once you remove these titles from the PDA collection (assuming it’s an active PDA collection), your MARC records page can be updated to reflect these changes right away.  On your ebrary MARC records page, click "Update MARC Data".  This will cause a new dated/time-stamped line to appear, and the deleted titles will be listed in the "Deleted Titles" and "Deleted Titles (Excel)" links on that line.One last thing to note is that the above steps 1-5 remove titles from your PDA profile collection, but it does not change your profile's search criteria.  So when your search is re-run, it will re-recommend these titles – unless you also change the profile’s search criteria.