Admins, Extended Access: Overview of Turnaways and Extended Access

Turnaway prevention (aka "Extended Access") allows an administrator to set rules for a sought-after, but in-use, single-user title to initiate a just-in-time loan, upgrade, or additional purchase - thereby extending availability on demand. If a book is purchased under a single-user license (regardless of how it was acquired: direct purchase or PDA purchase) it can only be accessed by one patron at a time.  If a patron tries to access a single-user book that's already in use (or if the site has several single-user copies of the same book and they are all in use), the patron is shown a preview-only copy of the book.  If patrons try to do more than view the front matter, back matter, or a few pages of content, they are shown a message alerting them that they are viewing a preview-only copy, and asking if they want to check for full access to the document.   With Turnaway Prevention enabled, your institution will automatically provide either a loaned or additional purchased copy of the book. If Turnaway Prevention is not in place, the patron is asked if they want to queue for access. This is considered a "turnaway".

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Both notification and prevention options are managed under the Admin tab's TURNAWAYS tabAdministrative setup:Turnaway prevention is currently only available for the Academic market (i.e., it is not available for corporate sites).Turnaway prevention currently does not apply to titles provided by a consortium.