Admins, Content: To see purchase price of purchasable titles and loan price of loanable titles

  1. Option a:  Go to a preview site such as't need to sign in to a personal ebrary account Option b:  Go to your ebrary site and sign inMust sign in to an admin-enabled account for prices to show
  2. Enter search criteria (or leave blank to search for all) and click "Search"
  3. Over at far right, for View, click "Long"
  4. Purchase price shows only if title is purchasable (multi-user price shows only if available for purchase as multi-user)
  5. Loan price shows only if title is loanable
  6. "Subscription: Academic Complete" shows if currently in that collection.Note, only inclusion is Academic Complete is indicated, inclusion in other collections is not shown
Note, ebrary's preview sites do not currently indicate territory restrictions.  For this reason, titles will not necessarily be available to your ebrary site even if they are shown on an ebrary preview site as being purchasable, loanable, or in Academic Complete.