Admins, Ordering: To upgrade a single-user (SUPO) book to three-user (3USER) or multi-user (MUPO) license

You can upgrade a book you own as single-user (SUPO), to a license that is three-user (3USER) or multi-user (MUPO) - as long as the book is available with that license.  Please note there is an upgrade fee of 10% of SUPO list price.To manually upgrade a single-user book , you'll first need to find the book either using the Acquisition tab or using your working list, proceed as if to order the book, then select the upgrade option:1. Go to your ebrary site and sign in with your admin-enabled username2. Locate the book to upgrade using one of the following two approaches:

Approach 1:

a. Go to the "Acquisition" tab (under the "Admin" tab)

b. Click to select "Perpetual Access (purchase)"

c. Click "Advanced Search" button

d. Set the search criteria:

- Set "Collection" to "All"  (NOT the default of "All Purchasable")

- Set other criteria as needed to find the book to upgrade

- Click the "Search" button

e. Once you find the book to upgrade, click check box next to it

f. Click "Prepare to Order Selection"

Approach 2:

a. Go to the "Search" tab, then the "LIST" tab

b. If you don't already have the titles to upgrade in your working list,see: Working Lists

c. Find the book to upgrade in your working list

d. Click check box next to the book you want to upgrade

e. Click "Prepare to Order Selection"

3. Once on the Order Summary page, there should be a line indicating you already own the book

a. Click check box "1 title(s) your library owns with single-user access..."

b. Click "Next"

4. You'll be taken to a Document Selection page

a. Select to either purchase another single-user (SUPO) copy, or upgrade it to three-user (3USER) or multi-user (MUPO) license

b. Name the order (optional)

c. Assign a Fund Code (optional)

d. Select "Review Order"

5. Review the order for accuracy and select "Submit Order"6. That's it!