Admins, PDA/Loans: To create a new PDA or PDA+Loan profile

1.   Go to your ebrary site and sign in to your ebrary account 2.   Click the Admin tab, then ACQUISITION tab 3.   Click-to-select Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) 4. OPTION A to limit by SUBJECT then PUBLISHER:

...   OPTION B to limit using the usual ADVANCED SEARCH features:

5.   At this point, you will have a collection of titles that have met all your search criteria.  Select only the titles in this list that you want to make available in your PDA collection (or click Select All).6.   Click Create PDA profile 7. Follow the prompts to name your profile, fill in your email, etc.8.   Click Create.  For alert that non-PDA-eligible titles will be removed, click OK.That’s it.  Your profile will have then been created!  It has a search criteria and a collection.  You can take a closer look at your collection (and narrow it further) by clicking the "View Collection" link in the PROFILE tab.  Your profile collection should only include titles you want your patrons to access and potentially trigger for purchase.After completing the above steps, the titles in your PDA collection will be active on your ebrary site once:And at that point you will also have access to the ebrary MARC records for all the titles in your collection.