Admins, PDA/Loans: To modify the search criteria of an existing PDA profile

Go to your ebrary site and sign in to your account with PDA admin privileges, then:
  1. Under the PROFILE tab, select "Edit Profile" for that profile
  2. Click the "Edit Search Criteria" button (over at the right)
  3. Change the search criteria as desired
  4. Click “Search ebrary” (Important!  This step is required to set the changes.)
  5. Click “Update Search Criteria” (over at the right) to save this new search criteria for the PDA profile.
Going forward, when you use the “Run Search” command for this PDA profile, or when the system automatically runs the search for this PDA profile, the new search criteria will be used.Important note! If you've narrowed your search criteria, it does NOT automatically remove titles from your collection that do not meet the new restrictions.If you've narrowed your search criteria and want to REMOVE titles from the collection, seeremove-titles-pda-collection