Admins, Content Holdings: To get a list of new titles added to Academic Complete

Two ways to find out about new titles added to the Academic Complete subscription collection:
1. ebrary generates a list (actually a mini collection) of all new Academic Complete titles which we update quarterly when the bulk of new titles are added to Academic Complete.
  • You can also add additional search lines once there to filter for specific areas of interest.
  • If you want to export this list, the easiest is to edit the URL in the following way:  replace "academiccompletetitles" with your own ebrary site name.  That way, you'll be viewing this list from your own ebrary site.  You can then sign in and export the list if you want.
2. Another alternative is to get each incremental set of new titles added to Academic Complete from your ebrary MARC records page.
  • Go to your ebrary MARC records page
  • Select "Academic Complete" under collections
  • Click the "Added MARCs" link on a recent dated/time-stamped line
  • You will get the MARC records for the titles added to Academic Complete since the previous dated/time-stamped line.