Admins, Content Holdings: To get the title list of all titles on your ebrary site or just the titles in one or more collections on your ebrary site

You can get an up-to-the-minute list of all titles on your ebrary site, or just the titles in one or more collections (such as Academic Complete) on your ebrary site - you don't even need to have admin-tab privileges:1) Go to your ebrary site.2) Sign in to your ebrary account.  It is important that you sign in, otherwise you cannot get the complete list.  If you do not have an ebrary bookshelf account, please create one using the "Sign In" button at the top right and clicking on "Create an account"3) Click on "Advanced" just to the right of the “Search ebrary” button.4) If you want to search for a particular collection only, in "Search in", select "Collections" then select "Academic Complete" (or another collection) from the list of available collections.  Note, if you only have one collection on your site, you don't need to select a collection.5) Leave all other search lines empty6) Click the "Search ebrary" button below the search fields.7) Then, to get a file with all these titles (complete with urls), click on the "Export Search Results" button over on the far right.This will create an excel file of all titles on your site (or just those in the collection(s) you selected), complete with the url for each document.