Admins, PDA/Loans: To create a PDA profile from a pre-selected set of titles in your working list

First, to add titles to your working list, see

Once you have a particular set of titles in your working list, you can build a PDA profile that contains just those titles as follows:1. Go to your ebrary site2. Sign In using your username with PDA privileges3. Click the Admin tab, then ACQUISITION tab4. Click-to-select Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) 5. Click Advanced Search6. Set any search criteria you'd like, or none 7. Without clicking-to-select any of the titles, click the Create PDA profile button8. You'll be alerted that your collection is empty, click Create 9. Follow the prompts to name your profile, fill in your email, etc.10. Click Create.  You now have a PDA profile with an empty collection11. To add all the titles in your Working List to the profile's collection:

a. Click the Search tab, then the LIST tab to see your Working List

b. Click Select All to select all the titles in your Working List

c. Click the Update Profile with Selection button

d. Select the PDA profile from the drop-down menu

e. Click Submit

f. You'll be alerted if titles in the list aren't PDA eligible

12. That's it!  You now have a PDA profile with your pre-selected set of titles. To review your PDA profile's collection (with the option of narrowing it further or adding to it), click the View Collection link in the PROFILE tabThe titles in your PDA collection will be active on your ebrary site once:... and at that point you will also have access to the ebrary MARC records for all the titles in your collection.