Admins, Content Holdings: The Holdings Report provides info for all titles on your ebrary site

This report can be used to export a list of all titles on your ebrary site - or a sublist by collection(s) - and with optional levels of detail about each title.The Holding report is accessible either on the partners site or via the Admin tab on your ebrary site.From the Holdings report page:The report will be provided in a tab-separated text file that we recommend opening in Excel for readability (you can import it to Excel using the Import Wizard, or right-click the downloaded file and select the option to open it in Excel).To get a list of all purchased titles on your ebrary site:
  1. From the Holdings Report page, under "Please Choose Collection(s)", click either "All" or "All Perpetual" or don't select any of the collections.
  2. Choose the option "Purchase Titles with Full Metadata"
  3. Click to include column headers
  4. Click "Export Holdings"
  5. That will give you a list of all the titles you've purchased on your ebrary site
Titles that have been upgraded from SUPO to MUPO show the full transactional data.  That is, there is a separate line for each of the following: