Admins, MARC Records: MARC records and PDA

The key feature of PDA is being able to provide a broader set of titles for your patrons – without having to purchase all those titles up front. With the PDA model, no distinction is made to your patrons about whether you’ve already purchased the title – they just know it's a title you've made available to them.You can restrict the set of titles you decide to make available in your PDA collections as narrowly as you’d like – you’ll want to be sure your active PDA collections only contain titles you're happy to have purchased should they encounter sufficient usage.For your PDA collections to be useful, it is important that they be discoverable.We provide you with a MARC record for every title in your PDA collection as soon as you make that PDA profile active.  That way, you can load those MARC records into your catalog so the titles in your PDA collection will be discoverable through your catalog.  (Your PDA-discoverable titles are also shown in your Holdings report under the profile's collection.)When a PDA-discoverable title is triggered for purchase, we don't send a new MARC record for it - the assumption is that you had uploaded the title into your catalog when we initially sent the MARC record for it.  (Once purchased, the title will be in the "All Perpetual" collection in your Holdings report, not the profile's collection.)If a title becomes no longer available as PDA discoverable, we provide you with a MARC-delete record for it, and you should remove the title from your catalog.  A title becomes no longer available as PDA discoverable if:To distinguish your PDA discoverable MARC records from MARC records in a subscription collection (for example, Academic Complete):