Admins, PDA/Loans: PDA FAQs

1. Do our PDA documents look different to our patrons?No, to your patrons there is no difference between documents you have already purchased and documents in an active PDA collection(s).  Patrons are not informed that by accessing a particular document they might trigger the purchase of it.2. How soon after adding a document to a PDA collection does it become available to our patrons?Documents added to an active PDA collection are accessible to your patrons as soon as you complete the process of adding documents to the PDA collection.  For a PDA collection to be active, you need to have:All documents in your active PDA profiles are accessible to your patrons.  Sufficient usage of a PDA document triggers its purchase.  When a purchase is triggered, the only change is behind the scenes. 3. We thought our PDA capability had been activated, but found it wasn’t - why not?Your PDA profiles are not truly active until the proper paperwork and funds are in place.  Look under the LOANS/PDA tab.  If you see funds available there, then your paperwork and funds are in place.4. When building a PDA profile, what’s the best way to screen out documents we already have in our ebrary subscription collections or ebrary perpetual archive (i.e., documents we’ve already purchased from ebrary)?This is handled for you automatically when you are building your PDA profile.The system will not allow PDA purchase of a document you already have in an ebrary subscription collection or in perpetual archive.5. What does the “Run” command do?  Why do the results sometimes differ from the original results?The “Run” command will run the search query that’s linked to the PDA profile.  It will show results that match the search query, but are not already in the PDA collection.  These consist of new documents that were not available when you created your PDA collection and/or documents that met your search criteria but that you decided not to include in your collection.6. When a PDA purchase is triggered, does it generate a second MARC record to download?As soon as your PDA collection was active, the MARC records for all the documents in the PDA collection were made available to you on your ebrary MARC records page.  There won’t be any additions to the MARC records when a purchase is triggered.The only difference is that if, for example, you delete or disable your PDA profile, the MARC records for documents that had not been triggered as purchases would show up in your “Deleted MARCs” downloads, but the MARC records for documents that had been triggered as purchases would not be.