Admins, PDA/Loans: PDA troubleshooting

If you get the following error message when creating a new PDA search criteria, the problem is most likely with the string-length of the search criteria itself.Error message:  "Unfortunately, we couldn't find any documents that match your search criteria. Please try again."Likely cause:  This 'error message' has been known to appear when the search-string-length is exceeded.  For example, if you select all subjects except just a few, and/or all publishers except just a few, those search string are built as publisherA OR publisherB OR publisherC OR ..., which can obviously get very long, very fast.Workarounds to try:- If you've been using Internet Explorer, try using FireFox or Chrome instead.

Internet Explorer typically exacerbates the search-string-length problem.

- Try creating several smaller-string-length collections.

For example, one for Business, one for Education, etc.

- The culprit is usually trying to remove just a few publishers.  Try this:

1. Set up your search criteria without removing the unwanted publishers

2. From "Profile" tab, select "View Collection",

3. Click the "Search Collection" button

4. Search for the publishers you don't want

Either use the "Edit Publishers" link

Or, set a new search line's drop-down menu to "Publisher", then enter all the publishers you don't want separated by OR

You can save this search string in a text file and then paste it in when you want to do this again with future searches

5. Click "Select All", then click "Remove selection from profile"

The only problem is that future runs of the search won't automatically eliminate titles by those publishers