Admins, Extended Access: Preventing Turnaways

Extended Access helps prevent users being turned away from an ebrary book in cases where the book was purchased under a single-user (SUPO) license and is in use by another user.If a book purchased as single-user is already in use when another user tries to access it, ebrary can make that book available to the user by either:
  1. Creating a short-term loan for an additional copy of the book
  2. Upgrading to a higher user license of that book (if available). There is an upgrade fee of 10% of single-user list price
  3. Purchasing an additional single-user copy of the book

An admin configures the "Extended Access" rules to specify the automated action that should occur.

Extended Access does NOT apply in the following cases (that is, patrons will continue to experience turnaways even if Extended Access Turnaway Prevention is active on the ebrary site for): To configure Extended Access for your ebrary site:Go to your ebrary site, sign in with your admin-enabled username, click the Admin tab, then the TURNAWAYS tab. The screen shot of the 3 configuration options: To disable Extended Access at any time, un-check the box "Enable turnaway prevention"