Admins, MARC Records: ebrary's MARC records format

MARC (MAchine Record Cataloging) is machine code that can be interpreted by Online Public Access Catalogs (OPACs).  If your library uses a catalog, we highly recommend you integrate and maintain your ebrary MARC records to provide maximum visibility of your ebrary titles for your patrons.ebrary's MARC records use MARC21 with MARC8 (based on ISO 2022) encoding. The records are delivered in .mrc format.  To view them, you need a program that reads .mrc files.  We recommend MarcEdit, which is a free, downloadable program.  See below for more info.ebrary does not provide other formats (for example: UTF-8, UKMARC, text output). However, if your OPAC only supports text uploads, you can use MarcEdit to translate ebrary's MARC records to .csv format (comma separated values).MarcEdit allows you to view, translate, and split MARC records. Click to download MarcEdit. We recommend using the most recent version (v5.8 or newer).