Admins, PDA/Loans: An overview of PDA and Loans

PDA stands for Patron Driven Acquisition. A PDA program provides a broad set of titles for your patrons to choose from - without having to purchase all those titles up front. With the PDA model, no distinction is made to your patrons about whether or not you've already purchased a title.
PDA program administrators can restrict the set of titles you decide to make available in your PDA collection as narrowly as you'd like - you'll want to be sure that the PDA collection you make available only contains titles you are happy to have purchased should they encounter sufficient usage.We provide you with the MARC records for all the titles you decide to put in your active PDA collections.

Note, before your PDA account can be activated, you will need to allocate PDA funds by contacting your sales rep or

To be alerted if your PDA funds run low you must configure the alerts, see:low-funds-alert

Loans refer to short-term loans of ebrary titles.  Loans work much like PDA except that "sufficient usage" of a title causes it to be loaned first, not purchased. Features of Loans:

a. Make no changes regarding a loaned title
b. Purchase a title outright (thereby preempting the cost of future loans)c. Remove it from the profile's active collection (thereby making it no longer available for loans or PDA purchase)