Admins, Customizations: ebrary banner customization options

Currently all banner customizations need to be done by us here at  Just send us the relevant info, and we'll make the changes for you.ebrary's default banner shows the name of your institution in white lettering on a dark-blue background and is 42 pixels high.Two banner customization options:1. Create your own banner:

- 42 to 100 pixels high (42 is recommended)

- Variable width

- Any links must open up in a new window

- Either send ebrary the banner image, or host it on your site and provide ebrary with a static URL to it

- Example of customer-created banner:

2. Request customization(s) to the default banner:

- Request a change to the institution name displayed

- Request a color change:

Color must be given in #hex

- Request to add a logo:

Logo file must be in .gif or .tif (preferred), or .jpg (acceptable)

42 to 100 pixels high (42 is recommended)

Logos are placed on left side of banner unless specified

- Request links to be added:

Links will open in a new window


Link to "Ask a Librarian"

Link to your main library page

- Example of banner with logo and color customization: