Admins, PDA/Loans: Best practices for viewing PDA titles (without causing triggerable usage)

If you view a document while in the ACQUISITIONS tab, it provides you a preview-only copy of the document and it won't let you view more than is allowable in a preview setting.  And because it is showing you a preview-only copy, that usage does not count toward triggering it for loan or purchase.However, if you add a document to a PDA collection, and that PDA profile is active, then that document becomes a "live" document - it is no longer a preview-only document.  If from the PROFILE tab you click "View Collection" you will have access to live documents.  If from there you open one of the live documents and use it sufficiently, it will trigger a loan or purchase.The important distinction to keep in mind is that:To demo without accidentally triggering titles, only use titles from “Collection” is “Purchased Titles” to restrict to titles you already own.  For example, to demo a particular feature using a sample document:
  1. Go to your ebrary site
  2. Click the “Advanced” link to bring up the advanced search options
  3. Select "Collection" then "Purchased Titles" from the drop-down menus
  4. Add other search lines if desired, or just click the "Search" button below
  5. The list of titles returned are titles you already own
  6. You can safely demo with any of the titles in that list and you won't accidentally cause triggerable usage