Citations: Accessing ebrary citations in EasyBib NoodleBib or Zotero

To open ebrary citations in EasyBib, NoodleBib, or Zotero, export ebrary citations via EndNote, then open the exported EndNote text file from within EasyBib, NoodleBib, or Zotero.  Detailed steps:
  1. Go to your ebrary site and sign in to your personal ebrary account
  2. Search for books or find them in your bookshelf
  3. Click the "EndNote & Citavi" button associated with a book
  4. The exported citation info for that book will open in a text file
  5. Save the text file
  6. Go to your EasyBib, NoodleBib, or Zotero application
  7. From within EasyBib, NoodleBib, or Zotero, open the saved text file