Admins, MARC Records: Accessing your ebrary MARC records

ebrary provides MARC records so that you can easily upload info about all your ebrary books into all of your discovery tools.  For example, if you provide your patrons with access to an online catalog of your books from various sources, you can upload your ebrary MARC records into the catalog to make your ebrary books discoverable and accessible via your online catalog.If you have an ebrary subscription collection or if you use ebrary's PDA model, it is important to load addition records as well as deletion records into your catalog on a regular basis to keep the data in your catalog current.On about the 20th of every month ebrary automatically initiates "Update MARC Data" for your ebrary MARC records page (unless you've manually done it yourself recently) and notifies via email the members on our MARC updates mailing list.What does the "Update MARC Data" button do?Incremental changes vs. a complete set:To filter by collection:Note that clicking on the links (that is, "Download complete MARC record file” or “Added MARCs” or “Deleted Titles”) doesn’t change what’s in those links. So you can use the links multiple times in multiple ways – even months from now – without changing what the links point to.If you don't already have a MARC manipulation program, MarcEdit is a free program that allows you to view, translate, and split MARC records.  Click to download MarcEdit.  We recommend using the most recent version (v5.8+).