How to run usage reports for ProQuest

How do I request a Usage Report for ProQuest Platform products?

ProQuest lets you retrieve usage reports through the ProQuest Administrator Module.
The options are:

  • Create a usage report, which allows you to retrieve ProQuest usage reports on demand that provide you with account-specific statistics. View online or download.
  • Create scheduled reports to be sent regularly via email. Manage the options and delivery of your existing scheduled reports.


To begin, login to the ProQuest Administrator Module at:
Note: The ProQuest Administrator Module is for authorized library/institution personnel only. Please contact customer service if you do not have an account set up, or if you forgot your login information.

To create a usage report:

  1. Make sure you are on the usage reports, create a usage report page:
    • Click the usage report tab, and make sure the create a usage report tab is selected.
    • Select view/download usage reports from the Quick Picks pull-down menu.
  2. If you have access to multiple accounts, select the desired account from the drop-down menu located above the tabs.
  3. Select the desired report type. Helpful Tip: The about this report type area provides a summary of the currently selected report type.
  4. Select your delivery method.
  5. Depending on the report type and the delivery method, the remaining options will differ. Select the remaining features you want to see.
  6. Click on create report.
    To create scheduled reports, use the Create a Usage Report tab or click create new scheduled report. Options include:
    • View your currently scheduled usage reports.
    • Sort the reports in ascending or descending order on any column by clicking the up or down arrows next to a column header.
    • Edit a report.
    • Delete a report.