I received a spidering alert

Why did I receive a spidering alert?

Safari Tech Books Online uses spidering detection software to prevent unauthorized use of the automated content retrieval mechanisms. Use of automated retrieval mechanisms violates the Safari Terms of Service. Spidering alerts can be triggered by:

  • Use of caching software or Web accelerators; programs that ''speed up'' your web browsing
  • Automated content retrieval mechanisms and programs such as WebZip
  • Very quick scanning/paging of Safari content
  • Printing pages using browser functions such as Print Linked Documents or Follow Links.
  • IE 5''s View Offline Feature
  • Use of Adobe Acrobat to browse Safari
  • Use of "follow link" features when printing
  • Some proxy servers
  • In some cases cutting and pasting into MS Word.

If you receive an alert, close your browser, open a new one and log in to Safari again.

If your account is locked, please contact Technical Support to have the account unlocked and to discuss the spidering issue.